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I'm pretty new to this style of RP, so I can use all the constructive criticism I can get. If there's anything you think I could use some work on (or anything I'm doing especially well with), please don't hesitate to comment here!

This is also the main place to contact me. I check my email like, all the time, so a comment here is usually responded to within a day or so unless I'm busy or sick or whatever. 

Anon is on, IP is off, and screening is on. 8)


When either one gets big, I may make a new entry for it, but for now one entry for timeline and relationships works. :)

If you notice something missing and it either happened before my last update or it's been over a week, feel free to poke me. I can forget stuff and that's no good. D:

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(OOC: Sorry I've been so quiet this week, everyone. Stuff went a little crazy. X__x)

[The sound of fiddling, including brushes against the SFC's microphone, can be heard. Chopper's voice seems a little tired, and is acompanied by a simple, solem sounding tune.]

Hello? That is the on button, right?

If any of you guys who gave me information are getting this... thank you. I think I'm starting to understand... sorta. Where the heck is the sad music coming from, though?

So, a lot of people are stuck here. Is anybody hurt? Do they need a doctor? I could help... but I also heard there's a clinic anyway, I guess. I heard they need some help there?

I think for now, I'm going to explore a bit. I feel... I feel like I need to go find something. 

[Tinkering is heard again... but the SFC does not deactivate. Chopper speaks again, but this time more quietly and mumbling.]

Doctor... you never gave up.

So, nothing has really changed, right?

I still need to live to see them again. 

I can still raise a pirate flag where I am.

(OOC: Chopper is hearing the piece from timestamp 1:56 of this video.)
 [The SFC activates to the sound of heavy breathing close by, and the video feed is filled with a swirl of brown and black. When the SFC focusses, a strange, circular mark can be seen, surrounded by soaked, brown fur. It moves a little, and a small, high pitched voice speaks faintly, matching with the movements.]

Ugh... Wh-What...

[The creature moves out of the frame, but brushes the SFC causing it to slide over and show him more clearly from behind. He's wearing a blue backpack, crimson shorts, and a large, pink hat that antlers poke through. The mark is on his right shoulder. A pink fairy hovers next to him, but he doesn't notice.

He simply sits there for a moment, looking around, but his quiet attitude seems more from fatigue than actually being calm.]

What happened?

Luffy? Usopp? Zoro?

[He pauses.]

Sanji? Nami? Robin? Franky? Brook?

[He pauses again.]


(OOC: Chopper's powers are affected badly by the ocean, hence being a bit more taxed than average upon arrival. His energy level will improve with a little time. And yeah, he's affected by the curse, so no shapeshifting for Chappy.)